Membership Luncheons




Date: June 7, 2023

Time: 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

  • 11:00: Doors Open for Networking
  • 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.: Lunch and Presentation



Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Future of Work Expert, Advisor on Team Connection, Belonging, and Generational Dynamics


The Future of Work: Solutions for Working, Leading, and Competing in the Future


In the next five years, Millennials and Gen Z will make up more than 75 percent of the global workforce. At the same time, technology will usher in a new age of work, and many of the traditional methods of leading and working will become liabilities for leaders and their teams. Many leaders are preparing to point their people to a better future, but identifying “better” is difficult, especially in today’s fast-evolving marketplace. Every organization has shared assumptions that fuel the prevailing model of how things have always been done, but those models cause leaders to become complacent, industries to get stuck, and companies to go under. As leaders search for new and innovative ways to lead in order to guard against disruption, future-proof their industries, and thrive in the 21st-century workplace, future of work expert Ryan Jenkins demonstrates how leaders can unbound themselves from the assumptions and prevailing models that are likely holding their organizations back. This thought-provoking session covers the emerging trends that are impacting the future of work and how leaders and organizations can adapt to capitalize on those trends.


Key Takeaways Include:

  • Insights into trends shaping the future of work and why today is different than any other time in history
  • Perspectives of how employee behaviors and expectations are evolving
  • Strategies for leaders to remain relevant and increase influence in tomorrow’s workplace
  • Techniques for challenging prevailing models that limit success
  • Frameworks for understanding and positioning for what’s next in the new world of work
  • Best-in-class examples of organizations adapting to future workplace trends
  • Confidence to work, lead, and compete in the future


Museum of Flight, 9404 East Marginal Way S., Seattle 



Membership luncheons are complimentary for MCAWW members to attend. Held in various locations around Seattle and Bellevue, the luncheons feature an educational or motivational speaker, a chance to network with fellow MCAWW members and a delicious hot meal.


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To RSVP: Email and please note any dietary restrictions.

RSVP is required. Associate Member firms are limited to 2 attendees per event. No limit for contractor firms. Registration typically opens 2 months prior to the event.