MCAWW is an important advocate for our members.


MCAWW is an important advocate for our members.

MCAWW is an important advocate for our members when working to improve or defend laws and regulations that affect mechanical contractors. Of particular interest are subjects related to public works and laws that affect medium-to-small-sized businesses.


Ed Kommers (MCAWW’s Executive Director), Scott Middleton (MCAWW’s General Counsel & Government Affairs Director) and Michael Transue, (MCAWW’s chief lobbyist), along with the MCAWW Legislative Committee, constitute a powerful voice for our members in providing the following advocacy services:


  • Assistance concerning public bid procedures and violations
  • Government affairs representation in Olympia
  • Public works statutes interpretation and guidelines
  • Email alerts regarding laws and regulations affecting trade contractors



MCAWW Board and Committee Representation:


Capital Projects Advisory Review Board (CPARB)

Mike Shinn, President of Shinn Mechanical, represents the subcontracting & mechanical industry on CPARB, a type of oversight committee for public works. CPARB’s regular meetings make progress toward implementing changes in public works construction that will ensure the effective spending of taxpayer money and the efficient use of our members' resources.


Project Review Committee (PRC)

PRC members are appointed by CPARB to approve projects and certify owners in the GC/CM and Design-Build delivery methods. MCAWW’s PRC representatives are Mike Shinn, President of Shinn Mechanical, and Bryan Eppler, Director of Strategic Development at University Mechanical Contractors, Inc.


Prevailing Wage Advisory Committee (PWAC)

MCAWW is represented on PWAC, which reviews prevailing wage rules and policies, wage survey information, and a host of other topics relating to payment of prevailing wage on public works projects in Washington. 


Washington Construction Industry Council (WCIC)

MCAWW is a member of WCIC, which includes representatives from NECA, SMACNA, AIA, ACEC, AGC, ABC, and BIAW.  The group meets weekly during the legislative session to discuss and collaborate on bills affecting the construction industry.