Last 10%: TAB module - "I have a better understanding of what is involved in balancing."
CMPM 2 - "This has been an amazing course. I have been able to take something from each class and apply it to my job."
CMPM 1 students perform a take-off and prepare an estimate in the Estimating module.
Joel Smith is named the '2014 MCAWW Instructor of the Year' and receives a plaque from Board of Education.
CMPM-3 "This program was a fantastic resource for me in my career development. It exceeded my expectations."
HVAC Engineering for Non-Engineers - "I now know more about the systems, their components and how to analyze them."
Intro to HVAC - "I now understand terminology and parts better!"
CMPM 1 - "It has given me many tools to make me become a more effective PM."
CMPM 2 - "This class has given me things to consider in making my company more successful."
Foreman Training Program - "This class has given me a better viewpoint and respect for the position of employee, contractor, PM and foreman and how each group can positively work together."
CMPM-3 "The quality of the instructors for CMPM-3 has been well beyond my expectations."
Plunging into Plumbing - "It exposed me overall to the breadth of plumbing at an entry level."
Intro to HVAC - "I feel I really understand the refer cycle now!"
Fierce Conversations Workshop
Building Controls Seminar - taught by Siemens Industry.
Plunging into Plumbing students get a hands-on look at plumbing materials.
CMPM 1 - "I have learned many ways to be more efficient in the various aspects of my day-to-day activities."

Educational Programs

Fierce Conversations Workshop

presented by MCAWW

Next offering: April 5-6, 2018
Location: MCAWW Training Center, 1100 Olive Way, Suite 1250, Seattle

Are you and those around you openly discussing the most important issues...right now? Or is lack of communication putting your goals at risk? As a leader-of projects, programs or people-your central function is to ensure conversations drive results, inspire innovation, and support necessary change.

The 2-day Fierce Conversations training program is comprised of the foundation and four modules:
• The Foundation | Set the stage for change.
• Team Conversations | Create internal think tanks; promote cross-boundary collaboration.
• Coaching Conversations | Improve decision-making ability and foster self-discovery.
• Delegation Conversations | Deepen accountability and uncover clear paths for growth.
• Confrontation Conversations | Strengthen relationships while tackling tough issues.

Fierce training is unique because:
• You use real issues to learn the framework and connect emotionally.
• You practice your most critical conversations with other professionals and gather feedback.
• You explore possibilities and leave the session with a game plan for moving forward.

What is "fierce"?
To be fierce means to be authentic, present, and real in day-to-day conversations. Real can be scary. Yet it is the unreal or missing conversations that are costly-in terms of morale, engagement, and performance.

To Register:
Registration now open. Click here to view and download registration brochure.


• Cancellation by attendee 14 or more days prior to the start date of an event or training program: 100% refund.
• Cancellation by attendee 7-13 days prior to the start date of an event or training program: 50% refund.
• No refund will be given for cancellations less than 7 days prior to the start date of an event or training program. If cancellation is due to illness or emergency, credit may be extended for a future event or training program.
• In the event that MCA of Western Washington cancels an event or training program, a full refund will be provided.

MCAWW educational programs are open to Western Washington Mechanical Contracting Industry Improvement Fund contributors.

Online signup is not available for this class.

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* Dates subject to change.