MCAWW announces the launch of a new 30-minute webinar series to stay connected and productive. Hosted by Leah Gutmann, MCAWW instructor, Board of Education member and owner of First Forward Consulting, each segment will contain a brief outline of tips and tricks, followed by the opportunity to connect via Q&A.



 Quick Connections Week 2: 


Trade and Workforce and Labor Issues:


What are some significant impacts of COVID19 to our local trade workforce?
Leah Gutmann interviews the MCAWW Center for Labor Relations (Ed Kommers and Scott Middleton), who answer your questions regarding workforce status, impacts on apprenticeship, government assistance and what’s next.



Successful Virtual Teams Do These 8 Things:


During this 30-minute webinar, we will explore the differences between virtual and in-office teams. Learn how to transition your office team to a productive and cohesive virtual team. Gain tips and share ideas about what works and how we can connect with each other in new ways while maintaining a clear focus. Join us with your questions and coffee as we learn a new way to work in this new and crazy time.




Quick Connections Week 3:


MCAWW Center for Labor Relations on Workforce Impacts:


Join us for a follow up Q&A with the MCAWW Center for Labor Relations regarding workforce impacts from the COVID virus.
Ed Kommers and Scott Middleton answer current questions regarding our trade workforce amid changing orders and regulations.




Guest Speaker Dr.Dan Diamond On Your Emotional Health During COVID-19:



We are all in this together, yet everyone is experiencing it differently. How are you dealing emotionally with being cooped up at home, possibly with children, with all the additional stress of work, finances, etc.?

This week, our Quick Connections segment welcomes guest Dr. Dan Diamond, an International Disaster Doctor who understands the emotional toll that COVID-19 can have on us all. What are you doing to take care of yourself?

Dr. Dan Diamond discusses the natural emotions brought on by a crisis and provides tips on how to deal with them.



Quick Connections Week 4:



Leah Gutmann interviews Associate Member Committee Chair Chris Howard of Milwaukee Tool, and then invites other MCAWW Associate Members participants to discuss their challenges as well. 


This week, Leah Gutmann interviews Tyler Wisenburg, CIO for Key Mechanical and member of the MCAWW Technology Advisory Committee.
Tyler provides an overview of different virtual meeting platforms and will discuss the pros and cons of each.


Quick Connections Week 5:


MCAWW Center for Labor Relations with special guest Jeffery Owen, Local 32 Business Manager


This week’s Quick Connections program features our MCAWW Center for Labor Relations with special guest Jeffery Owen, Local 32 Business Manager. Jeff tells us how his office and membership are faring during this stressful time. He also addresses questions along with the Center Chair, Jerry Bush (UMC) and MCAWW Executive Director Ed Kommers.



Quick Connections Week 6: 


with Safety Directors Lee Pyfrom (MacDonald-Miller) and Kirk Baisch (UMC)

This week’s Quick Connections program discusses the challenges of managing safety on jobsites with regard to COVID-19. Special guests Kirk Baisch (UMC) and Lee Pyfrom (MacDonald-Miller) share their experiences and tips on such things as PPE, screening requirements, keeping the jobsite environment safe, and more.


Quick Connections Week 7: 



Leah Gutmann interviews the Seattle Area Pipe Trades Training Coordinator (and ultra Star Wars aficionado) PJ Moss and Assistant Training Coordinator and women in the trades advocate extraordinaire, Heather Winfrey. 

  1. Find out how the apprentices are finishing out the school year
  2. Learn how our apprentices are doing during these challenging times
  3. Discover the super exciting and innovative changes that are planned for training moving forward!



Quick Connections Week 8:


Founder | Quad 2 International LLC

Networking in today’s world has taken on a whole new shape. While face-to-face meetings are not currently possible, it is more important than ever to keep in touch and continue building relationships. In this week’s Quick Connections, Leah Gutmann interviews Diane Cullen-Levin of Quad 2 International, who shares tips on how to approach networking with sensitivity and purpose.



Quick Connections Week 9:




This week, Leah Gutmann interviews MCAWW Board Members and firm owners Stacy Johnson (Auburn Mechanical), Jeff White (Holmberg Mechanical), and Matt Campbell (General Mechanical). Our panelists provide their perspectives on COVID-19 impacts as they relate  to new office protocols, maintaining company culture, navigating client relationships, new challenges on projects and more.



Quick Connections Week 10:


3 Months In… Time for an Emotional Check-Up


This week, Leah Gutmann interviews Craig C. Nelson, LMHC, CEAP, SPHR, Counselor and Account Executive for First Choice Health Network. Craig discusses the following and more:

  • How the pandemic is affecting us emotionally
  • Signs of distress to watch for in yourself, your family and friends
  • Tools to help yourself and others
  • Where to access assistance
  • How people feel about returning to work



Quick Connections Week 11:

What You Should Know About Buy America and Buy American RIGHT NOW

This week, Leah Gutmann interviews Koltin Stratiner, President of Puget Sound Pipe & Supply, and Rick Giannini, President & CEO of Milwaukee Valve Company. We discuss the challenges and impacts that COVID-19 has had on contracts that include Buy America and Buy American clauses.  Koltin and Rick give us insights on what we can expect from pricing, availability, planning, and more. 



Quick Connections Week 12:


COVID-19 Information Direct from the UW Department of Epidemiology

This week, Leah Gutmann interviewS Dr. Jared Baeten, MD, PhD, Vice Dean of the School of Public Health and Professor of Global Health, Medicine, and Epidemiology at the University of Washington . Among other things, Leah asks Dr. Baeten about COVID-19 vaccines, treatment, testing and Washington statistics and outlook.