MCAWW Training Center and Conference Room

The MCAWW training center features moveable tables and chairs that can be configured to seat up to 30 people. The room also includes two wall-to-wall whiteboards, built-in projector and sound, an iPod docking station and many other features.

The MCAWW conference room features a conference table with seating for up to 14. The room also includes a TV with laptop hookup, webcam and built-in sound.

The suite features a break area with a coffee station and beverage refrigerator.

MCAWW members may book the training center or conference room for their use free of charge. Email to make a reservation.

• The available days/times are Monday though Thursday 8am - 4pm (as long as no MCAWW classes and meetings are scheduled)
• Members may use any of the amenities in the room (projector, flip charts, etc.)
• MCAWW will provide coffee and beverages
• Members will need to provide any food/snacks for their meeting
• MCAWW does not validate parking